It's Iimi! (イイミ ですよ!)

Iimi (Irene Inez Mary Iscra) is a mildly autistic teenage apologist who finds herself defending the Catholic Faith in a High School where hostility and misconceptions against it are rampant. 

IIMI-tan (Her name is taken from the initials of the former name of this blog) is the blog mascot.  She started out as small comics on my blog's Facebook page. But eventually, I realized it would be better to put the comic on the blog.

Because the Cast of Characters is getting rather large, I've created it as its own comic. You can find it HERE. It will be updated as I go along.

A little bit of bookkeeping here. In the earlier comics, I had links for the references to past comics instead of episode titles. The domain change broke those links. As there are too many to track down and fix, if you want to follow them, you'll have to replace the "ifimightinterject" with "itsiimi" to make them work. (They are fixed on this page).

The Comic List:
It's Iimi! Introduction (Cast of Characters Etc).

2020 Comics
(At this time, I still viewed If I Might Interject as a blog with an occasional webcomic).
(Season 0 comics were originally posted on Facebook)

[Season 0 Episode 1] It's Iimi! Issue Zero (Part I)
[Season 0 Episode 2] It's Iimi! Issue Zero (Part II)

[Season 1 Issue 10] It's Iimi! Why I Keep Fighting
[Season 1 Issue 11] It's Iimi! Checkmate
[Season 1 Issue 12] It's Iimi! Flag of Truce?
[Season 1 Issue 13] It's Iimi! Vile Evil (Part I)
[Season 1 Issue 14] It's Iimi! Vile Evil (Part II)
[Season 1 Issue 15] It's Iimi! Vile Evil (Part III)

2021 Comics
(In Season 2 I began writing stories that began developing the characters and their relationships. It gradually shifted from being "Apologetics comics" to comics which involved apologetics within a story. Beginning with Issue 37, If I Might Interject became wholly focused on being a webcomic

[Season 2 Issue 18] It's Iimi! Contraries
[Season 2 Issue 19] It's Iimi! The Corpse in the Lab
[Season 2 Issue 20] It's Iimi! Moral Monsters
[Season 2 Issue 26] Mirror Error on the Wall
[Season 2 Issue 28] Otoko Nan Ze!
My Dinner With Andrea (Multi-Part Story)
[Season 2 Issue 36] Part I: It’s Iimi! RTFM
[Season 2 Issue 37] Part II: It’s Iimi! Guardian of the Faith
[Season 2 Issue 38] Part III: It’s Iimi! Counting the Cost
[Season 2 Issue 39] Part IV: It's Iimi! To Catch a Catholic?
[Season 2 Issue 40] Part V: It's Iimi! My Dinner With Andrea
[Season 2 Issue 42] It's Iimi! Conflicted!
Paula's Abortion (Muti-Part Story)
[Season 2 Issue 44] Part I: It’s Iimi! My “Friend” Has A Problem…
[Season 2 Issue 45] Part II: It's Iimi: The Bonds of Family
[Season 2 Issue 46] Part III: It's Iimi! The Best Laid Plans...
[Season 2 Issue 47] Part IV: It's Iimi! What If God Sent You?
[Season 2 Issue 48] Part V: Remember, It’s About People!
[Season 2 Issue 49] Part VI: It's Iimi! On The Hunt!
[Season 2 Issue 50] Part VII: It’s Iimi! Mistakes, Oversights and Assumptions...
[Season 2 Issue 51] Part VIII: When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Window...
[Season 2 Issue 53] It's Iimi! A Time To Heal
[Season 2 Issue 57] It's Iimi! The Fake Tricks
[Season 2 Issue 58] It's Iimi! Stay In Your Lane!
[Season 2 Issue 59] It’s Iimi! A Hand-Made Tale
[Season 2 Issue 60] It's Iimi! "CINO Evil"!
[Season 2 Issue 64] It’s Iimi! Storm Brewing?
[Season 2 Issue 65] It's Iimi! Targeted
[Season 2 Issue 66] It’s Iimi! Sisters In Arms…
[Season 2 Issue 71] It's Iimi! Opening Skirmishes
[Season 2 Issue 73] It’s Iimi! Beneath the Surface
[Season 2 Issue 74] It’s Iimi! A Question of Power
[Season 2 Issue 76] It's Iimi! A Hostile Act
[Season 2 Issue 77] It’s Iimi!  Misfire
[Season 2 Issue 78] It’s Iimi! Fractured!
[Season 2 Issue 80] It’s Iimi! Walking the Talk

2022 Comics
(2022 begins an experiment with a year-long set of subplots that goes on in the background.)

[Season 3 Issue 82] It's Iimi! The Lies That Bind...
[Season 3 Issue 83] It's Iimi! Paradigm Shift
[Season 3 Issue 85] It’s Iimi! Trust and Dialogue

[Season 3 Issue 86] It’s Iimi! “Because X. Therefore, You’re Scum!”

[Season 3 Issue 87] It's Iimi! A Question of Authority

[Season 3 Issue 88] It’s Iimi! Blessed Are The Peacemakers

[Season 3 Issue 89] It’s Iimi! Honor Your Father and Mother

[Season 3 Issue 90] It's Iimi! An Iota Worth of Difference

[Season 3 Issue 91] It's Iimi! Knee-Jerk

[Season 3 Issue 92] It's Iimi! Bus-Stop Battle

[Season 3 Issue 93] Ash Wednesday 2022 (Single Panel)

[Season 3 Issue 94] It's Iimi! Is it Better to Travel Hopefully...?

[Season 3 Issue 95] It's Iimi! ...Than To Arrive?

[Season 3 Issue 96] It's Iimi! Coffee Clash!

[Season 3 Issue 97] It’s Iimi! The Riddle…

[Season 3 Issue 98] It’s Iimi! Bear One Another’s Burdens

[Season 3 Issue 99] It's Iimi! Ascetics' Aesthetics

[Season 3 Issue 100] It's Iimi! A Day in the Life of the Iscra Family

[Season 3 Issue 101] It's Iimi! Guess Who's Coming to Easter

[Season 3 Issue 102] It's Iimi! A Muslim Ponders During Good Friday

[Season 3 Issue 103] Have A Holy Easter 2022 (Single Panel)

[Season 3 Issue 104] It's Iimi! Jesus is God, Not "a god."

[Season 3 Issue 105] It’s Iimi! Divided Over “Joiners”

[Season 3 Issue 106] It’s Iimi! Acta non Verba!

[Season 3 Issue 107] It’s Iimi! Credo

[Season 3 Issue 108] It’s Iimi! Kashira, Kashira

[Season 3 Issue 109] It's Iimi! Busted!

[Season 3 Issue 110] It's Iimi! They Drew First Blood

[Season 3 Issue 111] It’s Iimi! At the Point of Breaking

[Season 3 Issue 112] It’s Iimi! Whataboutism

[Season 3 Issue 113] It's Iimi! Slow Burn

[Season 3 Issue 114] It’s Iimi! Desperate Defiance (Part I)

[Season 3 Issue 115] It’s Iimi! Desperate Defiance (Part II)

[Season 3 Issue 116] It’s Iimi! Dubai-ous 

[Season 3 Issue 117] It’s Iimi! Struggles in a Sandstorm

[Season 3 Issue 118] It’s Iimi! Interpretations and Misinterpretations

[Season 3 Issue 119] It’s Iimi! Nadir 

[Season 3 Issue 120] It's Iimi! Gifts of Love and Mercy

[Season 3 Issue 121] It's Iimi! Duel to the Life! 

[Season 3 Issue 122] It’s Iimi! Bonds of Battle, Shackles of Mistrust

[Season 3 Issue 123] It’s Iimi! Interlude: Like a Scab Torn From a Wound 

[Season 3 Issue 124] It’s Iimi! Verbal Aikido

[Season 3 Issue 125] It's Iimi! ALEA IACTA EST! (The Die Is Cast!)

[Season 3 Issue 126] It’s Iimi! The Final Dream of Paula Ochlos

[Season 3 Issue 127] It's Iimi! (Not) A Typical Anime Beach Episode

[Season 3 Issue 128] It’s Iimi! Onward to Lesson Two 

[Season 3 Issue 129] It’s Iimi! Hobgoblins! 

[Season 3 Issue 130] It’s Iimi! Breakthrough! 

[Season 3 Issue 131] It’s Iimi! There is Nothing Concealed That Will Not Be Revealed!

[Season 3 Issue 132] It's Iimi! Go to Jibril! 

[Season 3 Issue 133] It’s Iimi! Journey’s End. Journey’s Beginning.

[Season 3 Bonus] (Single Panel) Fifteen Years of Blogging! 

[Season 3 Issue 134] It’s Iimi! Truth, Justice, and the Moral Way!

[Season 3 Issue 135] It’s Iimi! I Wanna ROCOR Roll All Night…!

[Season 3 Issue 136] It’s Iimi! Schwerpunkt!

[Season 3 Issue 137] It's Iimi! Torn Asunder…

[Season 3 Issue 138] It’s Iimi! Ancient Geek Warfare 

[Season 3 Issue 139] It's Iimi! Blasphemous!

[Season 3 Issue 140] It’s Iimi! Bug-Out Bag!

[Season 3 Bonus]      It’s Iimi! Old Classroom (A Song Parody)

[Season 3 Issue 141] It’s Iimi! A Large Serving of Mammon 

[Season 3 Issue 142] It’s Iimi! Rapprochement (The Long Goodbye: Part I) 

[Season 3 Issue 143] It’s Iimi! Transitions (The Long Goodbye: Part II)

[Season 3 Issue 144] It’s Iimi! Denouement and Reboot (The Long Goodbye: Part III)

[Season 3 Issue 145] It’s Iimi! One in One or Zero in One

[Season 3 Issue 146] It’s Iimi! God and Pharaoh

[Season 3 Issue 147] It's Iimi! St. Mary’s Outside the Malls

2023 Comics

[Season 4 Issue 148] It’s Iimi! Dam it All! 

[Season 4 Issue 149] It’s Iimi! A Spirit of Slavery

[Season 4 Issue 150] It’s Iimi! Plots… and Machen-ations 

[Season 4 Issue 151] It’s Iimi! Better Call Paul 

[Season 4 Issue 152] It’s Iimi! I am Ovulating-Chestfeeding-Person-Who-Currently-Identifies-

                                    as-Cisgender-Female-Whose-Pronouns are-She/Her! Hear Me Roar! 

                                    (Expected January 30)

[Season 4 Issue 153] It’s Iimi! Playing Against a Dead Man’s Hand! (Expected February 6)

[Season 4 Issue 153] It’s Iimi! Hold Fast To What You Have! (WIP. Expected February 13)

[Season 4 Issue 154} TBA (Scripting. Expected February 20).

(This webcomic is designed using ComiPo! with Clip Studio Paint software, both under license.)

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