Monday, May 20, 2024

It's Iimi! The Separation of Church and State?

When Ms. Celarent gives a theory on the development of the modern State, it falls to Iimi and her friends to debunk it and the subsequent attacks after class. They must force those who repeat these slogans to face the question: Do you know the actual consequences of… The Separation Of Church And State?

Post-Comic Notes:

Ms. Celarent’s lesson on the development of nations has been around for a long while. It’s been used by anti-Catholic Protestants and also by anti-religious factions.

The Letter to the Danbury Baptists can be found HERE if you want to see the opening and closing, which I left out.

The arguments presented here are common among those who want to attack the truth of religious teachings by pointing to extremism in religion. (Atheists often try to take Islamic extremism in a nation and argue that all religion is extremist.) There are other fallacies I could have pointed out. 

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