The Cast of Characters

Main Characters:

Irene “Iimi” Iscra

Age: 16
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 90lbs
Religion: Catholic
First Appearance: Episode 1

Musical Preference: Heavy Metal (European Power Metal)

Background: Iimi suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. But (and perhaps becauseof this) she is well-read and has a strong interest in theology. The result is, she has an unusual depth of knowledge on the subject to defend the Catholic Faith and, at the same time, is deeply uncomfortable in doing so.

Paula (Ochlos) Iscra
Age: 16
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 115lbs
Religion: Catholic
First Appearance: Episode 2

Musical Preference: Musicals, Classic Rock

Background: Paula Ochlos was an only child, raised a Catholic but stopped attending at age 7, when her mother (Nina) left the Church after a bitter divorce. Because her mother equated teaching about sex with “use protection,” she was sexually active in high school and could not understand why Iimi took such an “anti-woman” attitude towards it. Eventually, she became persuaded that abortion was wrong. So, when she discovered she was pregnant, she went to the Iscra family for help. The Iscra family was willing to adopt her child and help her through pregnancy. But her mother forced her to get an abortion. Overwhelmed by the guilt and the physical abuse her mother put her through, she attempted suicide, but was prevented by Mrs. Garza. Receiving absolution from Fr. Gabe, Paula returned to the Catholic Church.

 Knowing she was about to be arrested for white collar crimes, Nina had Paula placed with the Iscra family (saying they were the only people who cared about her). After her death (Pancreatic Cancer), Paula was adopted by the Iscra family.

She wants to be a psychiatrist and help people like Iimi who are on the autistic spectrum  

Kismetta Dhumzur
Age: 16
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130lbs
Religion: Catholic (Baptized in issue 162)
First Appearance: Episode 2

Musical Preference: Heavy Metal (Old School)

Background: The daughter of Bosnian refugees, Kismetta grew up in a wealthy family, living in The City. Her family moved to the wealthy Hipso Hill community three years ago. Raised as a Muslim, she was an enthusiastic defender of her beliefs. However, trying to da’wah (proselytize) Iimi, she discovered that her assumptions about Christianity were wrong. Since some of those assumptions came from the Qur’an, she began doing research trying to refute her friend. Eventually, she came to realize that she could not deny the belief that ‘Isa (Jesus) was what the Christians believed. She is a recent convert to the Catholic Church. Her life was recently disrupted when her mother abruptly returned to the United States and announced her intention to get a divorce.

Notes: Kismetta’s debut on Facebook was April 12, 2020. So, it was almost exactly three years in real life between the time she attempted to convert Iimi and her entering the Catholic Church.

Krysta Delacourt
Age: 16
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 155lbs
Religion: Catholic

Music Preference: Heavy Metal (Death Metal)

First Appearance: Seen: Issue 49. Speaking: Issue 51

Background: Krysta was born out of wedlock when her mother was seventeen. Her parents were constantly on the move as her father worked for the railroads. This led to her being made a troublemaker in school. In her sophomore year, her father got a job working for LoMAT, and her family settled into Babylon. She met Iimi because she was a transfer student with a reputation for being a delinquent, and Iimi was a pariah. They became friends, and later Krysta became friends with Kismetta and Paula. 

She sees herself as a bodyguard for Iimi and is in a rocky relationship with Daryl.

Notes: In Issue #38, you’ll see a tall blonde girl in the back of the Church. That was Krysta’s original model. But I decided to change her appearance.

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