Saturday, April 23, 2022

It’s Iimi! Divided Over “Joiners.”

Kismetta finds her friends praying for Paula and her mother… and for her with her upcoming move to Dubai. As she’s going to the Mosque for Arabic class anyway, Kismetta offers to pray for them while she’s there. But she discovers that members of the Mosque don’t all hold the same view she does about praying for those outside her religion.

Preliminary notes: To understand the title, the Muslim term (not the American slang) “Joiners” is the translation of the the Arabic mushrik and is used by Muslims to describe both polytheists and Christians because they deny the Trinity and believe that we “join” Jesus to God. (This view is found in the Quran, Surah 5.72) It’s important to remember that Islam is not a monolith, however. Not all of them take the view that Najiyah and the Assistant Imam take.

If the Arabic text looks off compared to the rest of the dialogue, that’s due to the quirks of Word and Clip Studio Paint. Word will accurately portray the script from right to left, but copy-paste and breaking a sentence into two lines can result in unintended errors. Clip Studio Paint will automatically convert the Arabic into Left to Right text. So, I had to create PNG files of the first four sentences of Lorem Ipsum. Font size and legibility will suffer as a result compared to the natural word balloons. Because I had to make manual line breaks before pasting it into Google Translate, I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed the translation of each line.

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