Friday, April 15, 2022

It’s Iimi! Kismetta’s Story: A Muslim Ponders During Good Friday

Learning that Good Friday is the most solemn day of penance for Catholics, and her friends won’t be available to hang out, Kismetta decides to attend the youth meeting held at her mosque after Friday prayers. When the Assistant Imam makes claims that Iimi had previously debunked, she finds herself called to ask questions about Muslim assumptions on Christianity.

After the meeting, she has more questions…

Preliminary Notes

Kismetta’s thoughts are built on several dialogues between her and Iimi. If you think Kismetta is moving too fast on her reasoning and overlooking things, you might want to review the following comics:

It’s Iimi! Issue Zero Part II(The first comic, introducing Kismetta.)
It’s Iimi! The Riddle  (The references to “CS Lewis’ Bridge”)

Post-Comic Notes: 

You may have noticed the symbols (ﷺ) and (ﷻ) popping up in the comic. 

Zooming in to a larger size, they look like this:

(ﷺ) (ﷻ)

The left one is the Arabic form of PBUH which stands for sallallahu alayhe wasallam (Sometimes abbreviated “SAW.”) While researching Islam, I have come across Muslim scholars who hold that the symbol should be used instead of PBUH or SAW. Curiously, there is not a symbol for (SWT) though there is one for (ﷻ) [Jallajalaalhu = May his glory be glorified].

Obviously, such a debate over what is properly respectful within Islam is outside of my field of expertise. I simply use these two symbols with the Iman and his assistant to symbolize they are intended to be speaking properly according to the conventions of Islam while the teenagers are still learning and may not be as precise.

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