Monday, April 29, 2024

It’s Iimi! …While Every Fool Starts a Quarrel.

When Iimi advances to the ground floor of her dojo ranking (6th kyu white belt), the girls discuss the “hard” vs. “soft” styles of Martial Arts. They note how Krysta and Iimi’s styles match their personalities. Meanwhile, Kismetta wishes her parents’ conflict could be handled in a softer style because A person gains honor by avoiding strife… While Every Fool Starts A Quarrel.

Pre-Comic Notes:

The title comes from Proverbs 20:3 (A person gains honor by avoiding strife, while every fool starts a quarrel.)  

Post-Comic Notes:

As an outsider when it comes to Islam, I may get some details unintentionally wrong. But I don’t want to give any deliberately false portrayals.

If you expected Raziq’s response to be an “honor killing,” that is not part of his character. He dotes on his only child. Moreover, honor killings are outlawed in the UAE. The person who commits it usually gets life in prison or the death penalty. Unless the characters need to someday discuss a news story that involves it, Honor killings won’t be part of this comic.

So, to add to the vocabulary notes in the comic, some personal issues between Sumeja and Bahrudin must be considered. Yes, the triple talaq is deemed shameful and unjust in much of Islam. This is reflected in Ifin's thoughts as he listens to Bahrudin and Raziq. But both Bahrudin and Sumeja are willing parties. Bahrudin because he wants the Faskh to go away. Sumeja because she doesn’t want to be trapped in a situation where she is civilly divorced but not divorced in the eyes of Islam (called a “limping marriage.") Not to mention she has her agenda that was mentioned in Issue 216.

Meanwhile, yes, the punishment of adultery is not applied if they marry (as mentioned in Issue 192). But Raziq is concerned for his daughter’s reputation in his social circles and wants this threat removed.

Because of their personal motives, they consider things that might be seen as unacceptable by many Muslims. So, again, this is not a case of “All Muslims act this way.”


Art Credits:

The Background frame behind the image on the cover is © The Knotty-Works and is used under license.

The Background of page 7 is from Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin GamesUsed under license.

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