Monday, April 1, 2024

It's Iimi! When Worldviews Collide!

Della's return to America with Nila will trigger many thoughts and reactions. Some of them are benign. Others are serious. However, Iimi suspects she will be caught up in the middle… When Worldviews Collide!

Post-Comic Notes:

Because some people may assume that I'm playing off of Muslim stereotypes, let me clarify if my scriptwriting was worse than I thought…

Hopefully, it doesn't need to be said at this point, but Bahrudin and Zara's attitudes aren't because they're Muslim. They're wealthy and used to people jumping to their demands. In Zara's case, it's "affluenza."

Also, Najiyah isn't angry at the news of Nila's well-being. She's annoyed at how Salah is responding to that news emotionally. She feels insecure about their relationship.

Sumeja resents Iimi because she believes if Iimi hadn't answered Kismetta's questions, her daughter would still be a Muslim. I have read that this is a common attitude for family members when a Muslim becomes an ex-Muslim. In addition, she is so determined to get her children together with her, she is losing perspective on how it affects others.

On the other hand, Imam Kouri and his wife have encountered good from the Iscra family. They are now wondering if they initially rushed to judgment.

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