Monday, April 22, 2024

It's Iimi! Is This A Hill To Die On?

When Ms. Baculum sends them Iimi's way to learn where they went wrong logically in criticizing the recent Church document, Dignitas infinita, Mike, and Shakira are confident that Iimi won't be able to justify her Church teaching. They don't believe Iimi can answer the question… Is This A Hill To Die On?

Post-Comic Notes:

The document can be read HERE.

The media coverage was exclusively on what Dignitas Infinita had to say about Gender theory, Sex change surgery, and IVF. Enough so that when I sat down to read the text, I was surprised to see how many topics were covered. It is not a political document, but it sets forth how popular views today violate the nature of human dignity in a way that should challenge our political opinions.

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