Monday, March 6, 2023

It’s Iimi! Born Again… and Again, and Again, and Again?

It was another club period meeting, and the girls were looking forward to their unofficial purpose of “goofing off.” But then, Lilavati asked a question about reincarnation... And who knows what the consequences will be when Iimi defends the Catholic view.

Pre-Comic Notes:

A vast number of beliefs fall under the label of “Hinduism.” Therefore, Lilavati’s views should not be seen as something ALL Hindus believe.

Post-Comic Notes:

Nobody would be happy being told by another that they didn’t accept their religious beliefs. Lilavati is no different. But the girls didn’t attack Hinduism. Instead, they stated why reincarnation was incompatible with Christianity. 


Sadly, I have encountered Christians who also stated they believe in reincarnation. Hopefully, this will help the reader who meets one of these people.

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