Monday, October 9, 2023

It's Iimi! Come On, Gang! It Looks Like We've Got Ourselves a Mystery!

 When teachers discover that Muslim students vanish on Fridays beginning with the fourth period, Anne worries that these students will damage their school records with truancy. Realizing she'll be seen as an outsider, she enlists Iimi to help discover what is happening. What can Iimi say except… Come On, Gang! It Looks Like We've Got Ourselves A Mystery!

 The cover background is done by AI.

 No, Iimi isn't engaged in religious indifference. She realizes that she must oppose an injustice that she'd want to be stopped if done to her. I think sometimes Catholics (as portrayed by Daryl) lose sight of the difference between opposing an injustice done to others and supporting another religion.

 If anybody thinks Iimi is a relativist, perhaps they could consider the words of Benedict XVI:

 I thus had a favourable opportunity to renew my sentiments of esteem for the Muslims and for the Islamic civilizations. At the same time, I was able to insist on the importance of Christians and Muslims working together for humankind, for life and for peace and justice, reasserting that the distinction between the civil and religious spheres is a value and that the State must assure citizens and religious communities effective freedom of worship.

In the area of interreligious dialogue, divine Providence granted me, almost at the end of my Journey, an unscheduled Visit that proved rather important: my Visit to Istanbul's famous Blue Mosque. Pausing for a few minutes of recollection in that place of prayer, I addressed the one Lord of Heaven and earth, the Merciful Father of all humanity. May all believers recognize that they are his creatures and witness to true brotherhood!

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