Tuesday, October 5, 2021

It’s Iimi! Sisters In Arms…

The day after the graffiti slur was scrawled on Iimi’s locker, the girls must deal with rash judgment offered in support. A first-year student finds herself caught between her concept of social justice and Paula’s witness on how one can oppose something as wrong yet still love the person who commits the act.

Postproduction Notes: I hate creating “cardboard villains.” So, it was a bit tricky writing the antagonists in this episode. Yes, I did want to show their position as wrong, but no, I didn’t want to create them as monstrous people either. Nor did I want Iimi and her friends to come across as insensitive. So, the dialogue on page 4-6 was rewritten several times before I was left with the final result that I hope avoided both concerns.

“Shelia” from page 4 is an asset from Clip Studio Paint (CSP), who I used as an experiment. Since CSP allows more poses than Comipo, I wanted to see how well they worked together. So, I constructed the club room with Shelia in CSP, converted the result to a PNG file and turned it into a backdrop for Ms. Otios and Lisa to interact with in Comipo. It’s kind of a trade off as posing is better, but I can’t change expressions, and the hands are kind of mis sized. But I’m still something of a novice with CSP, so this might improve over time.

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