Monday, June 3, 2024

It's Iimi! Then, Things Began to Change…

Their sophomore year is (finally) over. Della is graduating, and Sumeja hints that Kismetta should join her as a part of the family again. But when they left the familiar, they learned…  Then, Things Began to Change…

Post-Comic Notes:

The usual advisory applies that this comic is not intended to represent the attitude of all Muslims. The bitterness and mistrust caused by divorce and the harm caused to the children are pretty universal.

For more information on the schools (madhhab) of thought in Islam, see HERE. The Salafi school is separate from the Hanbali but is influenced by it… if I understand it right. I am an outsider on this. Keep in mind that these are not denominations, and views can vary.

The Masjid-ur-Rahman mosque in Hipso Hill is a collective of different Sunni Muslims with varying perspectives. So, some blending is possible.

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