Monday, October 31, 2022

It’s Iimi! Blasphemous!

With Kismetta’s process of conversion becoming general knowledge, people have been coming to her, hoping to bring her about to their cause. They mostly give up, disappointed, when she proclaims she’s becoming Catholic. But one person isn’t put off, because he believes that the Catholic Church is “Great and Abominable Church” of the “Great Apostasy.” He hopes to persuade the entire group to join him. The problem is, when it comes to their claims about God, Iimi can see they are… Blasphemous!

Post-Comic Notes

The picture on the cover is The First Vision, by Gary Kapp, and is shared under the Creative Commons permissions (see HERE and HERE). It was chosen because I was looking for art that was clearly Mormon and distributable under Creative Commons… there are fewer of these than you might think.


There are many other issues that divide Mormonism and Catholicism. I may cover some of them later. However, the difference in beliefs about the nature of God are the greatest. Because they claim that God the Father is a man-made God, I don’t think the issue title is unjust. That doesn’t mean we can reject religious dialogue with them or treat members in an unchristian manner. Note how Iimi shut down Krysta’s mocking immediately. But saying, “we must reject this,” is not uncharitable.

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