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Monday, November 20, 2023

It's Iimi! The Challenge!

Two classmates thought they had devised a way to trap Iimi in a dilemma. They would ask a question that would force Iimi to either admit religion was not logical or to come up with an evasion they could call out as dishonest. How will Iimi handle things when faced with… The Challenge!

I recommend Peter Kreeft's A Refutation of Moral Relativism, which covers the topic in Socratic Dialogue form far better than a comic can handle.

No, Nila is not an idiot. Nor is she being portrayed as a stereotype. Instead, Bahrudin, Zara, and Raziq consider her an "uneducated foreign servant." (See Issues 116 and 117 for how Zara treats maids). Nila exploits it to pick up information for Sumeja. 


Monday, October 2, 2023

It's Iimi! Law, Justice, and the... (sigh) American Way

 When Ms. Celarent invites herself into a meeting of the Socratic Club, the group is in the midst of a discussion over recent items in the news. When asked how they fit in with the Catholic understanding, Iimi must discuss Law, Justice, and the... (sigh) American Way.

Post-Comic Notes:

The cover background was done through AI. 

Monday, September 18, 2023

It's Iimi! Gotterdammerung

 Iimi's hearing has finally come. Her father is confident, but Iimi worries that the person hearing the case will be swayed by the lies. Who will survive when the school faces… Götterdämmerung


Pre-Comic Notes:

Götterdämmerung literally means "Twilight of the gods." In the most literal sense, it refers to the final battle of the gods and ultimate destruction in Germanic-Nordic myth. In a more modern sense, it means "situations of world-altering destruction," figuratively destroying the world as we know it.

Post-Comic Notes:

The Background cover art, a background panel on page 3, and Iimi as Vulcan (page 27) were AI-generated.

 And so ends the Reign of Error arc. There was a limit as to how far Ms. Otios' faction could go without some permanent change. Otios and Gehr are gone. But not all the foes are gone. So, it is Götterdämmerung that Otios' faction was destroyed. But, out of that chaos, new challenges will arise.

But there will always be new challenges. They're not all blatant thuggish attacks like Otios and her real-life equivalents.

Looking back at past issues, you will see Mr. Gehr with his phone out during particularly damning bits of conversation. So, this isn't a deus ex machina solution.

 I always thought that Iimi's father had a too-passive role in the comic so far. I figured he needed a chance to show the kind of protective Father he is to his family. I hope the hearing had some sense of "courtroom drama" to it.

 See you next issue.