Monday, April 24, 2023

It’s Iimi! Coffee Clash II: Electric Boogaloo

Returning from the mystagogia lessons of RCIA and waiting for the next bus, Iimi and Kismetta have another encounter at the coffee shop with Najiyah. Only this time, she’s joined by Assistant Imam Salah Hamdan.


Pre-Comic Notes

If you are wondering about the title, the phrase is often mockingly used for an unwanted and unnecessary sequel. The origin is the 1984 movie Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo… which was an unwanted and unnecessary sequel to a mediocre breakdancing movie.

Post-Comic Notes

If you forgot what “Lesson One” means, this is Peter Kreeft’s term for Socrates’ “realizing that you are ignorant about something.” You need to understand that you’re ignorant before you can start to learn about it (“Lesson Two.”) It’s discussed in Issue 27.

With the Assistant Imam, Salah Hamdan, you need to realize he’s educated, but he’s also young, lacking the experience of the Imam or Ibtihaj. He’s not intended to be a cardboard cutout villain. 

The arguments used by Salah in this comic are arguments actual Muslims have used.

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