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Monday, January 30, 2023

It’s Iimi! I am Ovulating-Chestfeeding-Person-Who-Currently-Identifies-as-Cisgender-Female—Whose-Pronouns are-She/Her! Hear Me Roar!

When Lilavati brings up the question of transgenderism to the “Socratic Club,” their discussion becomes more complicated with the appearance of two teachers and a hostile student. Will Iimi and her friends be able to thread the needle by explaining their views without getting attacked?

Preliminary Notes:

The story of the rapist who declared he was transgender after being tried for rape and was (briefly) moved to a women’s prison came out after this comic was finished. This person doesn’t mean all people who claim to be transgendered are sexual predators. But it shows another reason why women might feel unsafe with the demands to allow whoever claims to be female access to women only areas.


Post Comic Notes: In the past few issues, I’ve been experimenting with some different fonts to see if they looked more readable. Beginning in this issue, I began reverting some “failed experiments” back to the fonts I used to use. 

The “third gender” Lilavati refers to is complex. “Hijra” is the basic term used, but there are debates over whether the term is offensive. Not knowing enough about the situation in South Asia, I’ve opted against using the term in the comic. From my reading, it seems their situation is more complex than the transgender issues in America. It’s practically it’s own culture if I understand it correctly… and as an outsider, I recognize I might not. 

Lilavati doesn’t have much knowledge about this group outside of the fact that they exist. 

Monday, September 26, 2022

It’s Iimi! Truth, Justice, and the Moral Way…

Iimi and Krysta are taken aback when Rick asks to interview Iimi for an elective journalism class. Reluctantly agreeing, she soon realizes that this isn’t simply about explaining her views. It’s a battle to defend… Truth, Justice, and the Moral Way!

Monday, August 8, 2022

It’s Iimi! (Not) A Typical Anime Beach Episode

What would you get if you took an anime-style Beach Episode and removed the fanservice, the love confessions, all the hijinks and replaced them with a Socratic dialogue about why Jesus can’t be other than what Christians profess Him to be? You’d probably wind up with something like this comic, which is … (Not) A Typical Anime Beach Episode

Pre-Comic Notes: This episode makes use of terms that are familiar to fans of anime/manga, but may not make sense to other readers.

The “Beach Episode” and “The Bathhouse” are two recurring anime/manga themes. In Japanese culture, families do go to the beach during summer break, and communal bathing (sex segregated) is common. 

In anime, these tropes are often used as an excuse to showcase the female characters in skimpy outfits and sexualized poses (“fanservice”) with male characters trying to get glimpses of them. Frequently this is done with the teasing of a (never quite successful) attempts to confess love and/or possible intimacy between the male and female leads. It’s aimed at the male reader. 

This comic is a subversion of these tropes, replacing “fanservice” with theological dialogue, and poking fun at how western anime fans would be uncomfortable if they actually found themselves placed in these situations that anime and manga treat as common.

Post-Comic Notes: You didn’t think it would be that easy for Iimi to succeed, did you? It’s one thing for Kismetta to find flaws in Islam. It’s quite another to move towards accepting the chief claim of Christianity after years of claims made against it. Apologists aren’t God. They can help remove stumbling blocks in the path. But only God can give the grace.


Accounts of Muslim converts to Christianity all point out the difficulty of overcoming the belief that Jesus was only a man. A holy man to be sure, but still only a man. It’s not just Muslims of course. As far back as the Pagan Romans, we could see philosophical monotheists finding the idea of God becoming man to be offensive… that was seen as beneath the dignity of God.


This is why it’s important to pray for those who struggle with accepting our beliefs. We who were brought up in our faith do not have to unlearn the things that contradict it, so sometimes we don’t grasp just how hard it is for those who come from outside to do that.

Monday, April 18, 2022

It’s Iimi! Jesus is God, Not “a god.”

Gym class shifts back to the pool. Kismetta sits it out because she’s excused due to Ramadan. While sidelined, she asks Iimi about the difference between saying Christians believe Jesus is God and saying that Christians think Jesus is “a” god. This sets off a round of discussions that leaves Kismetta pondering, and the Gym teacher suspicious that the girls are trying to avoid participating in class. 

Preliminarily note: Kismetta and Iimi have been discussing these topics since the comic began in 2020. This comic builds on past discussions and reflections that Kismetta has. It will help the reader to review the following comics:

It’s Iimi! Issue Zero Part II (The first two comics, introducing Kismetta and the first dialogue on Aut Deus Aut Malus Homo.)