Monday, March 4, 2024

It's Iimi! See How They Run! (Part II)

Pre-Comic Notes:

At 61 pages, this comic was too big to be shared in one post. This is Part II. If you haven't already read Part I, please follow the link HERE.

Post-Comic Notes:

One thing to remember about the timeline is the UAE and California are 12 hours apart. So, while the story takes place on March 4th and 5th from the perspective of Dubai, it runs from the evening of March 3rd to March 5th in California. (Zurich is 9 hours ahead of California and 3 hours behind Dubai.)

The Dubai to Zurich events were inspired by a real Dubai to Zurich flight I followed on a flight tracker during the scripting (I wanted to know what countries they'd be flying over). It must have been a rough takeoff. It left over an hour late, climbed to 18,000 feet, and fell to 8,000 feet before reaching cruising altitude. It apparently arrived at the Zurich terminal 2 minutes early despite that.

Zero Hour was 8:25AM (Dubai time) when the flight was scheduled to leave. The actual takeoff and arrival times were taken from the flight tracker of previous flights on the same route. I learned that flights seldom departed from DXB on time.

Believe it or not, it is possible to still get first-class tickets from Dubai to San Francisco the night before (I checked). But it was too late to get any flights leaving the same day. The charter prices were a non-guaranteed estimate based on whether a plane was available. The charter companies all had a "call to arrange and set price" on their websites, so it was probably more.

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