Monday, March 11, 2024

It's Iimi! Reboot Hill!

Sumeja and her children have returned to the United States and attempt to resettle and prepare for her divorce. Kismetta, having thought her life was more or less stable, now has to deal with all the issues being rebooted. As for Iimi, she feels like she is being caught up in the crossfire on… Reboot Hill!

Post Credit Notes:
Ramadan had just begun (if I understand rightly, it began at sundown on March 10) when this comic came out. The way it works (again, as I understand it) is that from sunup to sundown, Muslims must avoid food and drink and smoking. There are some exceptions. Travelers can choose not to fast if it is a hardship. The pregnant and the sick should not fast if it would harm their health or the unborn child. Menstruating women cannot fast.

These people (and those who chose not to fast) must make up the days missed before the next Ramadan or provide charitable works.

Muslims have the suhur meal before dawn and the iftar meal after sunset.

Because I am a Christian writing about Muslim practices, I've tried to avoid portraying things that I could not verify as being done by at least some groups. If I have made any mistakes about it, I ask that any Muslim readers (if there are any) please be patient with me.

Because I do write a couple of weeks in advance, I missed the opportunity to throw Daylight Savings Time (also began March 10, if you’re reading this from the archives).


Art Credits: 
The Black mottled background used in the flashback panels: Publisher's Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey / Fat Goblin Games

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