Monday, November 14, 2022

It’s Iimi! A Large Serving of Mammon

 It started out with the youth group discussing last week’s elections. It then moved on to the moral considerations Catholics must keep in mind if they want to put God first. Then, when Iimi admits she sometimes she gets perplexed by the Pope, the others are shocked. Is she having doubts about the Church? (TL:DR—No). These discussions come up as the country orders… A Large Serving of Mammon!

Pre-Comic Notes:
The Blog editor I'm using has some broken code. So, this comic had to be posted with the browser editor. Hopefully, some coding added to the site will make it look normal.

This comic was finalized before control of the Senate was finalized. The House is still not finalized. But, since this focuses on the Catholic moral concerns, that would not have impacted the final results.

I am very grateful to a webpage by Alkymyst that provided the needed code to post the pictures in a way that fits within the margins with no loss of quality  

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