Monday, February 26, 2024

It's Iimi! One Big Fish Story?!

We meet the Science teacher who replaced Mr. Gehr. Like so many teachers in the school, he is skeptical of religious claims. But unlike many teachers, he's at least willing to listen to other views. When he announces his doubts about Jonah, how will Iimi approach his claim that it is no more than… One Big Fish Story

Post-Comic Notes:

Iimi's rejection of Mr. Chapman's argument as circular was inspired by Peter Kreeft's Between Heaven and Hell pp. 73-76.

Many people are surprised that the Bible never mentions a "whale" or the "shores of Nineveh." I suspect it is a holdover from Bible School/CCD for young children. But arguing over whether Jonah could have survived for three days in the belly of a whale is to miss the point. The point is that God is in control, and resisting when something is His positive will is impossible.

It is permissible for Catholics to believe it was intended as a story, not history. But if it is historical, then the fact that Jonah survived was due to God's miracle. Not Jonah's hardiness or amazing coincidences.

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