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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

It’s Iimi! Walking the Talk

In living the Christian life, it's easy to corrupt it into doing good to our friends while showing antipathy to those who hate us. But Jesus spoke against that attitude. As He pointed out, even pagans and tax collectors do that! (Matthew 5:46-47). Ignoring injustice done to those who hate us is not compatible with our Christian calling.


Even if we were foolish enough to ignore what our Lord taught us, it doesn't even make sense pragmatically to behave that way. Injustice done to others can be done to us as well. And if we don't oppose an evil when it first emerges, we may learn that nobody will be left to help us when evildoers turn on us. It's not enough to be "Talking the talk," merely saying the things that sound right. We need to be walking the talk, even when it costs us.

Content Alert:

(The reader should be aware that some of the characters use slurs in referring to others. I do not do this with approval of that language, but rather I do it to point out attitudes we cannot  hold as Christians, but some tragically do.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

It’s Iimi! Where Do You Draw the Line?

Many attack the Church for taking a stand on moral issues. These critics think this stand is based on intolerance. and demand that the moral line be redrawn in their favor. The problem is, others who go even further than they are willing to go, demand that same right.


When that happens, they must either give in to accepting behaviors which they find offensive or oppose it and face the same hostility that the Church does.


This serves as a warning. When determining moral obligations, we must act on truth, not self-interest.Those who rejects Christian teaching  must still consider nature and consequences when seeking where to draw the line.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

It’s Iimi! Opening Skirmishes

When students begin targeting Iimi for her beliefs, she finds that as nothing new, though her friends are less convinced. But now the attacks seem to be coming rapid fire with a teacher seeming to encourage them. Are they trying to push her to a breakdown?

Post Comic Notes: When designing the scenes for Della and Myrna, I wanted to provide an example of how to live in accord with the Catholic teaching on loving the person with a same-sex attraction.

As always, Iimi tries to show how we must act, even if those who hate us refuse to do likewise.

I also wanted to show how difficult it can be for a person with Aspergers to deal with a constant barrage of attacks.