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Monday, November 6, 2023

It's Iimi! International Intrigue!

When Bahrudin brought his wives to Malta with a scheme to get them all European citizenship, he hoped for a peaceful and simple trip. But Sumeja realized this was her one hope of setting up an escape hatch. But is she being followed? And if so, by whom? From the Emirates to Malta, from Malta to Zurich, from Zurich to Lisbon, how will Sumeja handle being caught up in the middle of… International Intrigue

Post-Comic Notes:

This was indeed a story aimed at providing background information for future stories. So, our heroines don't appear much in this story. But Iimi's point is a good one to frame the story in. We should pray for people to protect them from harm or to mitigate inevitable harm.

And, of course, when looking for heroes and villains, it would be good to remember that Kismetta's family is dysfunctional.

Between the rough draft and the publishing date, the EU requirements for a UAE passport holder changed. When the story was being prepared, an Emirati passport holder needed a Visa to visit the EU nations. It now allows visa-free travel for 90 days (It still needs a Visa for the United States). The American passport, beginning in 2025, will require an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) to travel Visa-free for 90 days in the Schengen zone countries of Europe.

That change required a rewrite of some pages. But the long and the short of it is that Sumeja wants Kismetta to live with her, and Bahrudin's polygamy means Zara can't apply for permanent residency in the United States. Therefore Europe. 

Art Credits:

The Cover was designed by "Bree Orlock" and Stardust Publications. Used with permission.

All page wallpapers by Figu Design.

Most of the panel backgrounds were done through AI. I wanted to capture the feel of these countries without risking violating the photography rights of those providing actual photos in the size and resolution I needed. (You can get free photos, and you can get high-quality photos. But the two categories seldom intersect.)

Monday, October 30, 2023

It's Iimi! The Taint of Samhain…

On the eve of All Saints Day, dark and false claims abound… parroted by those deceived by the Father of Lies. In this case, Iimi and her friends get dragged into the false claims of Halloween as Saul accuses Catholics of having…  The Taint of Samhain

Pre-Comic Notes:

Saul and Tasha's accusations against Catholics are real ones. I've encountered them frequently on the internet and social media. 

Post-Comic Notes:

It's important to remember there are two different conversations here. The first is the defense of the Church from anti-Catholic slanders. The second is talking to would-be witches about the danger their experimentation puts them in. Iimi is certainly not denying the danger in her conversation with Saul and Tasha. She is denying that his accusations against Catholics are true.

In case it's not obvious, the woman with the hood and gold headdress leading the coven is Coach Ally.

For those unfamiliar with Sailor Moon, the interplay between Della and her mother on page 8 is based on the famous catchphrase, "In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" (Tsuki ni kawatte, Oshioki yo!").

Art Credits:

The background art on pages 8, 12, and 14 are AI-generated.


The Celtic Cross Panel (Iimi is praying the Lorica of St. Patrick) is by Bree Orlock and Stardust Publications and used under license.


All other wallpapers in the comic are by Figu Design and used under license.

Monday, August 28, 2023

It's Iimi! After The Purge

 Ms. Otios has ended the Socratic Club, and the girls are told they have one week to find another. Instead of protesting, the remaining members seem more interested in making a new club and keeping the club room. What is going on… After the Purge


Post-Comic Notes

Samizdat, from the title of part II, was a system of clandestine printing and distribution of dissident ideas in the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact nations.

 The song referenced on page 18 is called Yakety Sax and was composed by James Q. "Spider" Rich and Boots Randolph. The notes shown are from the song. It's also known as the "Benny Hill Chase Theme." The piece can be heard here if you're unfamiliar with it:

 Protected classes are groups of people with "special legal protection against discrimination in the workplace based on specifically identified traits." They include race, color, religion, sex/gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, and marital status. Technically, anyone discriminated against on one of these grounds can take action. But it's not always enforced equally.

 Because the re-created club was established by Lilavati, Mike, and Najiyah, if Ms. Otios tried to shut down the club, Mike could allege that he was discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation, while Lilavati and Najiyah could allege it was because of race, skin color, or religion… theoretically. But whether or not it would happen in real life, Machen and Dahlia are trying to appeal to the legal consequences as a way to get Ms. Otios to back off and avoid trouble that they fear is coming.