Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Irony Is...

…Atheists qua satanists establishing a “religious” display on Florida state property as a way of saying that no religion should have a public display. Well, if no religion should have a public display, then the proponents of this view should practice what they preach and not post a display themselves as a “religion” of satanism. After all, the person who says Nobody should do X should practice what he or she preaches and not do X themselves on the grounds that the enemy does.

But instead of doing this, what I am seeing is a defense of, “If one religion can do it, all religions should be able to do it.” So in other words, they’re arguing that “X is wrong, but because you’re doing X, so am I."

There’s no moral integrity or consistency in such a tactic. It’s basically a case of “Whatever harms my enemy is acceptable.” They’re trolling, harassing people they disagree with, and then claim religious freedom for doing so. But the problem is, the existence of a Nativity Scene isn’t harassing non-Christians—unless one wants to say that the existence of the Nativity Scene is offensive in the same sense that racists find the existence of other ethnic groups offensive.

Again, these self-proclaimed champions of tolerance are being pretty intolerant, not practicing what they preach, but instead holding to self contradictions in the hopes of silencing or harassing what they hate.

Satanism display

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