Thursday, October 16, 2014

TFTD: Is It REALLY Dignified to Treat the Synod Like a Political Convention?

Must you act this way?

OK, so Cardinal Kasper denies he gave an interview to Edward Pentin who writes for National Catholic Register and Zenit. The issue is over comments made about synod fathers from Africa, which managed to offend Africans. Cardinal Kasper claims he would never say such things.

National Catholic Register and Catholic World Report have articles which insist he did give this interview and did make the comments. They are speaking about audio recordings that prove it . . . with an apology made by Pentin to the Cardinal for not making it clear to the cardinal that he was going to publish this on Zenit.

Now I feel no obligation to defend what the cardinal said. I think his suggested ideas cannot be reconciled with Christ’s teaching and Church doctrine.

But that being said, this behavior troubles me. It’s treating the synod fathers like politicians and using gotcha tactics apropos to political rough and tumble. So when the outside world looks at all of this, they’re going to look at the synod perspectives as if they were merely factional disputes.

I’m not going to try to sort out the blame. I’m just saying, can we behave with a little more dignity?

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