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Monday, February 27, 2023

It’s Iimi! That Was… Unexpected

With Krysta in trouble, Kismetta going to Foothill for Arabic class, and Paula at a doctor’s appointment, Iimi is alone when Mike shows up looking to fight... or is it just to talk? Will it be the same old story? Or will people say, “That was… unexpected”

Post-Comic Notes:

We’re now seeing some results from when Mike sat in with the Socratic Club. If Mike seems less irritable than before, I don’t like caricatures. So, we’re seeing a little bit of what he’s like in a one-on-one discussion, getting hints from his past.

You may have noticed that the school exterior has a new model. That’s because I needed the ability to rotate and change angles. Besides, the stock Comipo art has a lower resolution than I need.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

It’s Iimi! Acta non Verba!

It’s one of those days. Paula is praying for the courts to approve her mother’s transfer. Kismetta is troubled with the direction that following truth is moving her, and Krysta is fighting with Daryl. What will they do when platitudes aren’t enough?

Preliminary Note: Acta non Verba is Latin for “Action, not words.”

Monday, February 14, 2022

It’s Iimi! Honor Your Father and Mother

When Paula’s mother disappoints her once again Iimi and her friends have to work her through the disappointment and the struggle to Honor her mother when she is hurt and angry. Kismetta watches and wonders about why she has never experienced something similar with her own parents. But when she discovers things she would have thought impossible, she too must struggle with her own obligation to Honor Your Father and Mother.



Post Comic Notes: Islam is not a monolith and does not have a hierarchy like Catholicism does. So, different Muslims can interpret how to live in different manners. Also, like it is among Christians, you can have Muslims be lax, moderate, or stringent in behavior and observance. Kismetta’s family, having a European/American background, will have a different outlook than those from a Middle Eastern background. 


I’ve researched Muslim views on the topics discussed and have tried to represent them fairly. (The prayer Kismetta uses twice in this comic came from an article explaining how Muslims make petitionary prayer. She’s being rather formal about it because of how seriously she takes it. 


I don’t doubt that Muslim readers of this comic will disagree with Kismetta’s increasingly non-orthodox views. However, any mistaken representations of orthodox Muslim understandings in this comic is due to my misunderstanding of the material and not out of any intended malice or ridicule.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Otoko Nan Ze!

What if society said it was important to protect women… but then turned around and promoted a morality that let men easily use and discard women in the name of equality? And what if, adding insult to injury, those women who wanted to protect themselves from this were accused of harming the cause of feminism… causing them to doubt themselves?

The term Otoko nan ze! can be translated as “Men!” or “What a man!” It’s not a complement. It’s used by women in an angry, frustrated, or contemptuous sense towards men who behave badly.