Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis


Habemas Papam Franciscum

OK, I admit I had never heard of Cardinal Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J. before today.  The news came over a static filled radio that we had a Pope from Latin America, a Jesuit and had taken the name Francis.  (He won't be Francis I until there is a "Francis II" as I understand it).  That's about all the media knew – though I suspect they will be scouring Argentina with the intent of making him look bad.

This would be a big switch from 2005, when I heard (also over a static filled radio) that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had been elected, because I had been studying his books for years and knew very well who he was.

But my lack of knowledge about Pope Francis is irrelevant.  The cardinals thought him best suited to become the 266th successor of St. Peter, and he is now our Pope.  (You can find a biography of him here).

I look forward to learning about him and seeing how he guides the Catholic Church.  I have faith in Christ to continue protecting the Church under Pope Francis just as he protected his predecessors.

I give thanks to God that we have had a smooth transition and I pray for our new Holy Father in the years ahead as he shepherds the Church as the vicar of Christ.

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