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Monday, November 27, 2023

It's Iimi! The Light Shines in the Darkness…

When Krysta affirms to Daryl that as long as he remains part of the SSPX, they cannot date, Daryl searches for a way out. In an act of desperation, he approaches Iimi. How will she answer him in a way that doesn't "win the argument but lose the arguer?"

Pre-Comic Notes:

Because I'm sure certain Radical Traditionalists and Anti-Catholics who read this will object to the cover/verse combination, read page 9 before posting angry comments.

Post-Comic Notes:

While I pray the misreporting on the "Pope okays transgender baptism" stories will be corrected by the time this comic is published, see HERE for the actual text if it is not.

The removal of Bishop Strickland from his diocese happened while I was working on the final production. So, it only got a few mentions in this story. But this incident would not change the story. If we trust God to protect His Church, we can trust that the Pope cannot teach error. That doesn't mean a "Pope teaching error" loses teaching authority. We can trust God to prevent the Pope from binding us to error."

It's no contest when it comes to following the Pope or following a bishop who opposes him. We must obey the Pope. The bishop loses his authority when he teaches in opposition to the successor of Peter.

In regards to scandal-mongering headlines about the Pope dining with transgender individuals, which came out after this comic was finalized, I’ll share what I wrote on my Facebook page:

In other news, Jesus dines with prostitutes and tax collectors. Pope Francis is doing the same kind of thing… reaching out to the sinners with love.

Before we are tempted to act outraged, let’s not forget what Jesus said to the Pharisees who acted like that.

Art Credits:

The Backdrop for the cover and street/park scenes are AI-generated. 

Monday, February 27, 2023

It’s Iimi! That Was… Unexpected

With Krysta in trouble, Kismetta going to Foothill for Arabic class, and Paula at a doctor’s appointment, Iimi is alone when Mike shows up looking to fight... or is it just to talk? Will it be the same old story? Or will people say, “That was… unexpected”

Post-Comic Notes:

We’re now seeing some results from when Mike sat in with the Socratic Club. If Mike seems less irritable than before, I don’t like caricatures. So, we’re seeing a little bit of what he’s like in a one-on-one discussion, getting hints from his past.

You may have noticed that the school exterior has a new model. That’s because I needed the ability to rotate and change angles. Besides, the stock Comipo art has a lower resolution than I need.

Monday, July 25, 2022

It’s Iimi! Verbal Aikido

“When some people have issues with us being pro-life, they come out and target those of us who hold it… then I have to use apologetics to defend what I believe in a way that doesn’t give them a chance of accuse me of being the aggressor. We don’t want to just win the argument but lose the arguer. It’s a sort of… Verbal Aikido”

Preliminary Notes:

As the backlash against Dobbs continues, repackaged arguments against the defense of life get repeated. It can be demoralizing to see the constant barrage of attacks made against us. What’s fictional about this comic is very few promoters of abortion as a “right” are willing to listen to our reasons. A large number assume we act from theocratic desires to control instead of believing that the fetus is a human being. 

So, this comic is more of presenting reasons why we hold what we do so the defenders of life might realize how hollow the attacks against us are. 

The comic was originally titled Verbal Judo. But Verbal Aikido is more accurate. Aikido is a defensive martial art aimed at deflecting attacks and turning them against the attacker. As this is Iimi’s apologetic style, it seemed to be a better title, if more obscure. 

I’m experimenting with a new cover style. I like it better than the older format. But what do you think?

Post comic notes: I decided to experiment with a new cover layout. If you’re interested in seeing the original cover layout, it was like this (and, no, I didn’t fix the typos in this rough draft):

Saturday, July 16, 2022

It’s Iimi! Bonds of Battle, Shackles of Mistrust

In times of conflict, some become closer, others pull away. When Krysta and Daryl find conflict in a trip to Hipso Hill, those affected individuals react based on their differing temperaments, beliefs, and past experiences. 

Post Comic Notes:

This comic included an experiment with action scenes. I don’t know if there will ever be a repeat. Each page took over a day each to pose models and backgrounds before I added in the Comipo elements and special effects. Safe to say that It’s Iimi! won’t become a superhero comic anytime soon.