Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thoughts on Fr. Pavone–Updated

Update: Canon Lawyer, Edward Peters, has a good analysis of the situation HERE.  We should keep Fr. Pavone and his Bishop in our prayers.


There has been news going about that Fr. Pavone of the Priests for Life has been restricted by his bishop to ministry within his diocese.  Fr. Pavone has been obedient to this order, though differing reports indicate he may appeal to Rome (I cannot confirm this independently).

What I find problematic is that there is already an "it's about the money" response, similar to one which went about during the incident with Fr. Corapi.

Remember this is rash judgment at the very least to begin speculating about whether someone has done wrong.  Let us first be patient and learn the facts before we say either, "I knew Fr. Pavone was no good" or "Yet another case of a bishop suppressing a good priest."

After all, it might turn out neither accusation is true.

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