Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is this beginning the 5th year already?

I just noticed that today marks the beginning of the 5th year of the Arnobius of Sicca blog (completing the 4th anniversary today).  I must say I never expected this to last more than a few months.  A friend of mine suggested I take up blogging as something to do when I was on disability with a work-related injury.  I really thought 2011 would be the death knell of the blog, because I did not have time to write consistently.

Sometimes its embarrassing to go back and read the earliest entries in 2007.  I tended to be somewhat flippant back then and willing to bash the US bishops.  Hopefully I've gotten better over the years.  I think the study of philosophy and logic have allowed me to at least be more structured since then.  Ancients like Socrates and Aristotle; Patristics like St. Augustine, St. Justin Martyr, Clement of Alexandria and the site's namesake; Medieval writers like St. Thomas Aquinas, and modern writers like Popes Benedict XVI, Blessed John Paul II, Peter Kreeft, Msgr. Ronald Knox and many others have inspired me to write about the importance of the truth and the fact that the truth is with the Catholic Church.

One big change of the past year is abandoning Xanga for Blogger.  I decided the Xanga community made it too easy for abusive persons to dominate a column, and too difficult to control their activities.  Xanga seemed to be willing to turn a blind eye towards these abusive persons.

Writing on Blogger has been more peaceful.  While there are not nearly as many comments, the ones which do come generally seem more sincere – even the ones from people who disagree with me, who are generally much more polite than the ones on Xanga.

So the blog is still here, even if I don't write as much as I used to, dealing with different topics which seem relevant in defending the Church and looking at the attacks against her and why they don't debunk the Church.  Whether from atheists, the government, political groups, non Catholics or dissenters within the Church, the Church does stand in opposition to the world and must say "this is not right."

Who can say what will need to be addressed in the next year and what my obligations will require?

Thanks to all my followers and those who stop by the blog.

God Bless.

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