Thursday, July 28, 2011

TFTD: What If The Antichrist Isn't What We Expect?

Antichrist 1. Person who will appear in the last days in fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecies to destroy the church and slaughter the saints of God. 2. Spirit of opposition to Christ as expressed in persecution of Christians or restrictions on the free expression of Christian faith.

Kurian, G. T. (2001). Nelson's new Christian dictionary : The authoritative resource on the Christian world. Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson Pubs.

Thought For the Day

I'd been reading some apocalyptic Christian fiction (the wretched Left Behind and the mediocre Father Elijah).  The general presentation of the Antichrist is a sort of charismatic liberal type who makes some modest proposals which leads the world to a Black Helicopter UN dominated world where Christians are targeted if they hold to their faith.  Many nominal Christians, in this view, are deceived and led to apostatize.

Now there's nothing necessarily wrong with this view.  It merely reflects the concern over deep moral errors the world is falling into in this time.  It also reflects the interpretation of 1 John where the antichrist is said to deny Christ.  Liberals seem to negate Christ as anything more than a good teacher for example.

Yet, would such an Antichrist really be anything more than a physical threat?  The Christian trying to be faithful would most likely immediately spurn the message.  Some might compromise out of fear and then be sorrowful.  But would such an antichrist be a threat to the salvation of Christians?

But in reading these works, I was struck with this thought.  What if the Antichrist isn't a Obama-like liberal but is instead a conservative?  What if his message isn't some sort of terrifying Fascist/Communist monolith, but is instead a conservative who merely wants us to "burn a pinch of incense" at the altar of expedience, to compromise our faith slightly.  To perhaps encourage the faithful to side with a view that appeals to our conservative beliefs but goes against Church teaching.  What if those who refused to go along with this sort of a view were the ones singled out and attacked as standing with the liberals?

Wouldn't that be a danger to many men and women trying to be faithful?  That they might be tempted to compromise slightly – especially if they were convinced the Church was filled with corruption?

Now this Thought for the Day may be completely without merit.  But I do think it is a danger to assume that the only threats to the faith come from the political Left.  Any view, whether Conservative or Liberal, which runs contrary to our faith is to be rejected.  None of us should think that "Because I am not [X], I will not be deceived."

Let us remember the warning of St. Paul:

12 Therefore, whoever thinks he is standing secure should take care not to fall. (1 Cor. 10:12)

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