Comment Policies

You don't have to agree with me to comment on my articles.  Nor do you have to agree with the teachings of the Catholic Church to be published.  I welcome discussion from those of different beliefs wanting to dialogue.

However, I do ask you to be civil and respectful of the Catholic Faith and myself even if you do disagree with them.

Here's a few things to consider...
  • If I think your comment is abusive of the Church or a member of the Catholic hierarchy or to me, you won't be published. I'll publish comments of people who disagree with me, but please be polite about it.
  • Being a Catholic blog, be aware that comments which appear to be aimed at proselytizing people away from the Catholic faith will not be published.
  • If you post a link to another page I will inspect the link before approving a comment.  Since I can't edit comments to delete offensive links, I will be forced to delete comments with links I find offensive.
  • If a conversation looks like it is just rehashing the same points with no resolution, I may decide to end it by no longer approving future comments.
  • I reserve the right to use comments (approved or not) in future articles. I won’t be abusive about it. But don’t comment anything you don’t want to be a topic of discussion. As Cicero said, ‘I deem it intemperance to write anything that you intend to keep secret.’ (Academia, 1)
Because of spam and abusive comments, I've turned on comment moderation. Follow the rules above and there shouldn't be problems.

Sometimes readers do ask questions that inspire me to write an article to offer a deeper clarification into things. I won't mock the person making comments, but I do think that if one person thinks in such a way, maybe others will have similar thoughts or questions or misconceptions that need to be addressed.

God Bless.