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Who am I? 

I am a member of the Catholic laity who seeks to offer a Catholic perspective on the events going on in the world today.  I tend to look at the claims of the world and ask, “How does THAT logically follow?”  I prefer to use logic and reason to show that challenges to the Catholic faith do not actually refute what Catholics believe.

So... what happened? Why all the name changes?

Between 2007 and 2020, this page was purely a theology blog. It was originally known as Arnobius of Sicca. Then, in 2016, it became known as If I Might Interject. In 2020, I began adding an occasional webcomic between blogs. On 7/5/2021, I made the jump from a blog with a webcomic to a webcomic. It wasn't until July 29th, 2022, that I decided to change the name of the page to match the webcomic. Unfortunately, I managed to break the previous links that existed in previous posts. Since this blog has been going on since 2007, odds are I won't ever get around to fixing them. But if you really want to follow a broken link, replace ifimightinterject with itsiimi in the address bar.

The landing page of all past comics can be found HERE. the links have been fixed. Unfortunately, it looks like none of the pictures from the pre-comic days did.

Why did you change to a webcomic format?

I'd been feeling for a while that my blogs were becoming harangues. There are a lot of angry Catholics blogging. I didn't want to join their ranks.

Will I ever go back to just being a blog?

I'm not planning on it. I've always wanted to tell a story, and have always wanted to use the comic format.

When Do You Update?

Lately, I've been aiming for Mondays.

How Far Ahead Do You Work

At the moment, I'm five weeks ahead of schedule. Hopefully, that will keep the comic subplots on track if I need to do a comic on something unexpected.

What do you use to make your comics?

I can't even draw stick figures well. I started out purely using Comipo! software, designing some characters, and using the stock backgrounds. Eventually, that was too limiting. So, I started using Clip Studio Paint to create backgrounds, improve the word balloons and make edits to images that were just too awkward to achieve in Comipo!

Can you please lengthen the skirts?

I wish I could. This is how the costume models are designed in Comipo!. I’ve experimented with third party skirt models. But they don’t work. I’m open to suggestions. Remember, I can’t even draw stick figures well. Between issues 128 and 133, I used the paint bucket function to make them look longer. Beginning with issue 134, I found a better way to handle it.

Why do some of your backgrounds change?

When I first started out, I used some assets from sources marked as being “non-commercial only,” and others that were photos run through the Photoshop Elements Comic Filter. I’m trying to move away from that with images I can use without restrictions. 

What's your comic-making process?

I start by writing a script in Word. I create the backgrounds I need with Clip Studio. I then go into Comipo! to create the basic action in the panels. I go back to Clip Studio to edit the panels, enter the dialogue and captions, and add the word balloons. I upload them to iCloud and then use an iPad to prepare the comic for launch (there is no good desktop blogging software for Windows at the moment, or I'd skip that step).

What Fonts Do You Use? Why Did They Change After Season 3 Issue 128?

Currently, I use Wild Words for dialogue, Clean Cut Kid to represent speaking in foreign languages, and Hero Sandwich Pro for non-narrated captions. Badaboom and Onomatopedia get used for English language sound effects. Aharoni gets used for standalone quotes. The comic logo is a stretched version of the Warmonger font. The font for the issue number and date is Plat Nomor.

(In case you want to know which font is which and how they're used)

As for when I need to use non-Roman letters, I currently try to use fonts that don't look too far out of line from Wild Words:
Japanese: Mochiy Pop One.
Arabic: Arslan Wessam A and B.
Greek: Wildwords was recently updated to include capitalized Greek letters. If I need to use lowercase, Comic Sans is the best of the options as it looks closest to Wildwords Lower.

Previously, I used the Anime Ace 2.0 font from the beginning until Season 3 Issue 129 (Hobgoblins!) The problem is, it’s bulky and word balloons could take up a majority of a panel when Iimi had to explain something. In Season 3 Issue 130, I experimented with Anime Ace 3, which was more compact. I didn’t like the results. In Season 3 Issue 131, I tried Out of Line Pro for uppercase and Ready for More for lowercase. That was worse. Polysh was originally my foreign languages and Tintin Majuscules for non-narrated captions. I liked them, but they lack the support for Western and Central European characters, so I switched.

M.A. Theology.  Franciscan University of Steubenville, 1998.
B.A. International Relations.  Holy Names College, 1992.

Preferred Bible Translation:
NABRE (New American Bible Revised Edition).
(My use of the Douay-Rheims in the "Reftagger" mouseover script is because that is currently the only Catholic Bible Reftagger supports -- probably because it is public domain).

Preferred Bible Commentary:
Navarre Bible

Political Outlook:
I think neither political party is “God’s Party.”  We need to judge their political platforms in terms of what God commands and what the Church teaches, and not judge the Church in light of political views.

Philosophical Outlook:
I tend to follow the approach of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.  God may be above reason, but He is not contrary to reason.  We can learn the truth and what is right by reason.  I would reject the view that human reason alone is sufficient to live rightly, however. Without God, we cannot be saved.

Religious Outlook:
I am a member of the Catholic Church because I believe she is the Church established by Christ and Christ has chosen her to bring the message of salvation to the world.  There are scandals and Judases within the Church to be sure (may God grant I do not add my name to this list), but the sins and dissent of some do not mean the whole is corrupt.

I reject the views of radical traditionalism and liberal dissent.  I would hold to the view of “Where Peter is, there is the Church.”  This means I do my best to follow the Church and her teachings and evaluate my views according to her decrees.

I don’t consider my blog as having any authority to compel.  Rather, I seek to point people to the Church and to accept the authority of the Magisterium.  I NEVER want my writings to be seen as being in opposition to the Pope and the bishops in communion with him. In fact, I think Pope Benedict XV made a good point in his encyclical Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum:
[22] Again, let no private individual, whether in books or in the press, or in public speeches, take upon himself the position of an authoritative teacher in the Church.
All I can do is try to explain what the Church teaches and why when I try to discuss the issues of today.

IF (may God forbid!) any of my writings seem contrary to the teaching of the Church, it is because I have expressed myself poorly and not because I intend any dissent from the teaching authority of the Church.