Monday, November 13, 2023

It's Iimi! You Bet Your Life!

 When her friends have prior commitments at lunch, Iimi accidentally encounters Rick and Mike, discussing belief and disbelief. When Mike says that he should consider skepticism because he doesn't know whether God exists or not, Iimi explains the concept of Pascal's Wager and the proper approach you should take when… You Bet Your Life!

Post-Comic Notes:

It should be noted that Iimi's presentation is a modified version of Pascal's Wager. Certain parts of the original seem to presume Jansenist tendencies (such as: "In the state of fallen nature no one ever resists interior grace," which opens the Wager to accusations of "fake it until you make it."). Iimi's take is more of a Mollinist approach, trusting that God will reach out but emphasizing the importance of using free will to respond when He does.

Rick's objections are the ones that always turn up on atheist sites that make fun of Pascal's Wager. The problem is these objections show they have a superficial focus.

The text and explanation of Pascal's Wager can be found HERE.

Art Credits:

The Page wallpapers were created from AI and Clip Studio assets except for…

Page 15: Wallpaper by Figu Design

The Cover is AI. The man playing Roulette is Blaise Pascal, as imagined by AI.

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