Monday, September 25, 2023




It is a time of galactic terror! Millions of voices suddenly cry out in terror and are suddenly silenced as MASSIVE WORDS travel across the galaxy, leaving destroyed star systems in their wake as they irresponsibly chronicle the EVENTS from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story, IIMI ISCRA, involuntary leader of the SOCRATIC CLUB and teacher's assistant in logic class, is about to face an unexpected challenge…

When her history teacher, BARBARA CELARENT, uses a clichĂ© for a lecture, Iimi will have to answer the question: is it true that religion is the leading cause to…




Art Credits (In order of appearance):

The cover frame was designed by "The Knotty Works" and is used under license.

 The cover background, the dog's bandolero, and Iimi's belt were done through AI (NightCafĂ©).

 The backdrop on the top right portion of page 7 and the line art on page 11: © Peter C. Spahn and Rick Hershey, 2023. Peter C. Spahn and Rick Hershey, Standard Stock Art: Issue 2 by Small Niche Games.

 The backdrops on pages 9 and 14 are from Publisher's Choice Quality Stock Art. © Rick Hershey Fat Goblin Games.

 The Knight with Mace overlaid over the backdrop on page 9 is © 2015 Dean Spencer, used with permission. All rights reserved

 Post-Comic Notes:

 Sicut Dudum, written by Eugene IV in 1435, can be read HERE.

 Kismetta's theory linking the Crusade account to Revelation 14:20 is one of my own. Like Iimi, I can neither prove nor disprove it. But looking at the geography and probable conditions of Solomon's Stables (misidentified as the Portico by the Crusaders), I suspect it was hyperbole, not literal. If the blood could pool up to a horse's bridle (roughly four to six feet in height), so could the urine of who knows how many horses.

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