Monday, January 16, 2023

It’s Iimi! Plots… and Machen—ations

As Irene prepares to return to school, a masked intruder recklessly leaks a compromising email to benefit her. A lost syllabus comes to light. Will this set things right? Or will it turn out into an escalating series of… Plots and Machen-ations

Post-Comic notes:

We learn something about Della’s temperament and past. I was laying some clues about it during the 2021-22 seasons, and we’ll see more in the future. It’s not a “pro-vigilante” comic. In Catholic morality, we can’t do evil, so good might come from it. Della did indeed force the issue. But the morality and results are very much in question… and she knows. And, at the end of the story, we can see it might not have even helped.


In practical terms, I started 2023 with the arc of Iimi’s collapse because I felt the characters needed to develop. For example, I didn’t like the rest of the cast becoming side characters in a Socratic dialogue: “Yes, Socrates… you are so wise, Socrates.” So, I began laying clues of Iimi burning out and her friends realizing she couldn’t do it alone. While I never had a breakdown like Iimi (Issue 148), the experiences and feelings are things I’ve known.

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