Monday, August 1, 2022

It’s Iimi! The Final Dream of Paula Ochlos

With Paula’s adoption date approaching, she still has some feelings to work out before she’s 100% on board and prays for resolution. When she closes her eyes to sleep on the night before the court date, will there be comfort in…  The Final Dream of Paula Ochlos

Post-Comic Notes: And thus ends the story arc of Paula Ochlos becoming Paula Iscra. It’s not the end of It’s Iimi!however. I plan to keep doing this for as long as God makes it possible.


When I first conceived of the character in 2020, I had no plans to do this story arc. But as I developed her character, Paula evolved from a foil to a friend for Iimi. The idea began to germinate with Paula reaching out to Thea in It’s Iimi! My “Friend” Has A Problem… (published slightly over a year ago), and by the end of the Paula’s Abortion arc, I knew it was the story I wanted to tell. But I did not want to rush the cancer revelation, because that would feel too contrived. So, it wasn’t until It’s Iimi! End Games and New Games that I was ready to start dropping the hints that would commit me to the story.


I hope the development of Paula’s character and story was worth reading, and I hope the next major story arc (already developing) will also be worth reading.

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