Sunday, June 19, 2022

It’s Iimi! Struggles in a Sandstorm

When a Sandstorm hits Dubai, Kismetta’s Father is left stranded in Saudi Arabia while Kismetta and Zara need to ride out the storm in their condo; both bored out of their minds and irritable with cabin fever. Inevitably, Kismetta’s issues with the Emirates and religion, combined with memories of her dream pop up in inconvenient moments. And so Kismetta finds herself facing… Struggles in a Sandstorm!

Pre-Comic Notes: There actually was a sandstorm like this affecting the Persian Gulf in May of 2022. It inspired the backdrop of the story

Post Comic Notes: In Islam, some Muslims (in the story, this includes Kismetta) hold that symbolic dreams (or visions) can be granted by God. Apparently, there are all sorts of Islamic books on interpreting them. I’m not advocating that people should start assuming dreams they have must be visions of course. We certainly should not dabble in other religions, seeking to find “secret truths.” But, since Kismetta’s Muslim beliefs do include this, it is something she would consider.

al’ama” literally means “blindness.” It’s used in the same way we tend to use “damn” in English. 

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