Friday, May 20, 2022

It’s Iimi! They Drew First Blood

The political divide, especially over the defense of life has gotten to the point where some assume there can be no justification for the pro-life position. Pro-lifers can find themselves attacked without warning and accused of things they simply do not hold. Meanwhile, those who think abortion is a “right” often make unjust attacks and then get defensive when pro-lifers respond, forgetting that… They Drew First Blood.

Preliminary Notes: A lot of notes today.

In another case of the news moving faster than I can create these comics: as I was finalizing it, news hit of Oklahoma banning abortion from conception. So, it was only mentioned in passing in this comic. But, Iimi would say, “One down, 49 to go.”

Also, the news of the Archbishop of San Francisco applying canon 915 to Nancy Pelosi came out after the comic was finalized. ( ) I would (and if it had been known to me before the comic was uploaded, Iimi would) certainly pray that this action shows her how serious it is. Neither I in real life nor Iimi in comic would wish her damnation. 

This comic doesn’t exist in a vacuum, making ipse dixit statements. It would help to review earlier comics (Moral Monsters lays out the four square on what it means if the four most common positions on abortion are true). Or, better yet, see Peter Kreeft’s The Unaborted Socrates

For people new to this comic: No, Principal Julius Barrett wasn’t named for Amy Coney Barrett. He was named because I was playing Final Fantasy VII at the time when I needed a name.

One of the tricky things about doing a Rambo themed send-up for the title and cover was balance. It was originally going to be called Nothing is Over! I rejected that because I figured there would be dangers of people thinking I was making light of the suffering real-life veterans with PTSD struggled with. On the other side, that theme would need to deal with Iimi’s Aspergers trauma in a way that would diminish the focus on defense of the pro-life cause. On the cover, I decided it was best to not give Iimi any Rambo-style firearms out of concern this would be unintentionally linked to school shootings or any abortion related violence (none so far) that might arise. Perhaps this was all overthinking, but that was my approach. You may spot a few “Easter eggs” however.

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