Friday, April 1, 2022

It’s Iimi! Ascetics’ Aesthetics

The fourth Friday in Lent happens to be the day before Ramadan. This leads to a discussion of the different practices and the meanings behind them. Kismetta learns that in some ways, the two are similar in ways she thought they’d be different. But in other ways, they are different where she expected them to be similar. Prayers are said for Paula’s mother. Are they effective for someone who is skeptical at best?

Post Comic Note: The program I use to create It’s Iimi! is limited in what characters wear and how they look due to limited body types (there’s one female body type and two male). The skin color default is “anime style” Caucasian. Skin color can be changed, but it doesn’t always look natural (Chela was one of my few successes there).

The reason I bring this up is: According to Pew Research, the makeup of Muslims in America runs as follows: 63% of Muslims in America born abroad. Racial makeup: 41% White, 20% Black, 28% Middle Eastern, 8% Hispanic, 3% Other. 80% of Imams come from outside of America. 75% of Mosques have a dominant ethnic group. The skin color choices I used for this mosque reflects this report. 

So, to make the mosque in this and future comics, out of every ten characters, I probably have to make
Four of them white, two black, three Middle Eastern, and one of Hispanic or Other to capture this ratio. And, with the limitations of ComiPo, therein lies the problem. 

Unfortunately, due to the limits of the ComiPo program, some of the non-European members of the mosque will look off. Please keep in mind that none of the characters are intended to be portrayed as a racial stereotype.

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