Friday, February 25, 2022

It’s Iimi! Bus-Stop Battle

Iimi meets Kismetta’s friend from her Mosque, Najiyah Ayad, for the first time. Unfortunately, the encounter is very much like her encounters with Saul and Daryl, who assume the worst of anything outside of their beliefs. 


Kismetta is stuck in the middle between one friend who she is sure is speaking justly and another who is not. How will this impact her search for the truth?


Preliminary Note: The character of Najiyah Ayad is not intended to be a stereotypical representation of Muslims in general. She is simply an intolerant person who happens to be a Muslim. Much like Saul (Fundamentalist Christian) and Daryl (Radical Traditionalist Catholic), Najiyah doesn’t question what she assumes to be true. Please keep that in mind before thinking (or accusing me of thinking) that Najiyah is some kind of Muslim “everyman.”

Post Comic NotesThe original title was going to be “Bus-Stop Making Sense,” but that references a movie from over twenty years before Iimi was even born, and I wasn’t sure if any of the readers would get the reference. There’s being punny and there’s being “downright obscure.”

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