Monday, January 10, 2022

It’s Iimi! Paradigm Shift

We would rather stay in our comfortable little world instead of face up to things that mean a change in how we have always understood things. But, because God is "The Way, The Truth, and the Light," that means we can't always remain in such a state. When that happens, we have to determine what to do when facing a Paradigm Shift.


It will help for the reader to consult these previous comics where Iimi and Kismetta have dialogues:

Post Comic Commentary: Perhaps some readers will think that the author note in the last panel kills any mystery about what Kismetta is up to. But in these suspicious times, I figure I must make that clarification about Kismetta. Why? Because either someone with anti-Muslim attitudes will wait eagerly for me to produce a comic where Kismetta to “go on a rampage” and justify their beliefs, or else someone will accuse me of being Islamophobic for “implying” she is a terrorist.

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