Sunday, November 7, 2021

It’s Iimi! It Would Almost Be Comic If The Consequences Weren’t So Tragic

The attacks against Christianity are always debunked because the person either believes a false story or misunderstands the difference between Church teaching and the sinful behavior of someone in the Church. Some of these claims are quite risible and debunked before the toner is dry. Unfortunately, there’s always someone who rediscovers it and thinks it is the deathblow to the Christian faith.


One of these cases is the bizarre book of John Boswell that claimed Catholics had sanctioned “gay marriage” until the 14th century despite the fact of continued teaching to the contrary. Indeed the ceremony, called Adelphopoiesis, was simply a ceremony of spiritual adoption that existed in the Eastern Orthodox churches until the 20th century, and had nothing to do with sexual relations.


As Paula puts it, It Would Almost Be Comic If The Consequences Weren’t So Tragic.

[‡] Assuming that no evidence for X is proof of Y

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