Tuesday, July 13, 2021

It’s Iimi! To Catch A Catholic

Saul and his parents think they need to “rescue” Iimi from the Catholic Church and hope to plant seeds that lead her to question her “Romanist” beliefs. Iimi realizes that, even aside from the anti-Catholic beliefs (which she hopes are just their blind spots that can be corrected), this is a strange environment compared to the Catholic approach to Mass and Sacraments.

Map by https://www.deviantart.com/lady-aurora-moon/art/Maps-For-Comipio-591914905

Post-Comic Commentary (To avoid giving away spoilers): 

For those who like the “Behind the scenes” comments, page seven of this manga originally had Thea (Iimi’s mother) cleaning her pistol, which she does in times of worry. A pre-publication observer commented that some readers might think that she was preparing to do violence instead. So, to avoid that misconception, I changed it to the current form.

Chela’s Reaction to the “To Be Continued” banner reflects the fact that this and the next comic were intended to be one story, but I needed to cut it into two pieces to avoid making it too long. So Iimi’s defense will show up in the next comic.

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