Sunday, July 25, 2021

It’s Iimi! Lone Wolf and Bug: Handcart at the Gates of Heck

All Iimi wanted to do was take a nap before youth group. But Chela wanted to wrestle. That resulted in both of them being sent on an errand. She’s not sure what’s worse: a hyperactive little sister or the third degree her friends give her along the way.

This was an experiment with telling a story with apologetics in it, instead of making the apologetics itself the story.

Post-Comic notes: The title and the cover is a parody of the manga and live action movies, Lone Wolf and Cub. (I don’t particularly recommend them to the Catholic reader as they tend to be excessive in the violence, sex and nudity categories and would probably get an O rating from the USCCB.
The main character is Ogami Ito... hence the parody Oga-Iimi-to.

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