Monday, July 19, 2021

It’s Iimi! Is the Pope Committing “Mass” Murder?

What are we to make of the claims that Pope Francis is eliminating the Missal of 1962 as reported by fans of the Extraordinary Rite and the media?

Iimi and Daryl discuss the recent Motu Proprio, Traditionis Custodes and why Pope Francis saw the need to give the bishops the authority and responsibility for those who want to use the Extraordinary Form. Mrs. Garza, one of the parish senior citizens, speaks about the myth of a golden age in the Church .

[To Clarify (thanks to a reader's question), "overrode" does not mean "invalidate." Of course, the Extraordinary Form is valid. Iimi uses it in the sense of "to have precedence or superiority over" (SOED). My apologies for those who found the equivocal nature of the word misleading.]

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  1. "But if we're going to make that preference into some kind of orthodoxy test, we missed the point."

    Yes. Exactly.