Friday, July 9, 2021

It’s Iimi! Counting the Cost

Iimi and Saul attend Mass together and afterwards discuss why non-Catholics cannot receive the Eucharist. Iimi’s parents question Saul about his intentions. Iimi’s mother talks to her about the need to be aware of the feelings that can lead one astray. Fr. Gabe speaks to Iimi’s mother about the importance of being a guardian of the faith if Iimi begins to waver.

In this comic, I took a different approach. I focused on the fact that this was a date, so the Catholic topics discussed needed to feel like in naturally flowed from Iimi and Saul trying to make good impressions with each other.

From a technical perspective, since this software doesn’t have religious objects, I created some via Photoshop. That’s limited of course. Fr. Gabe doesn’t wear a chasuble because I don’t have the skills to create one, for example.

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