Thursday, July 29, 2021

It’s Iimi! The Bonds of Family

When life-changing news appears, how one deals with it often depends on the support and family bonds that have been previously laid down. The Iscra family deal with the possibility of adding another child to their family, while Paula feels hope that there are more options than just the “choice” that she hitherto thought was the only one.

One thing that those who say “you’re merely anti-abortion, but not pro-life” should remember: Many pro-life families are not in the situation where the Iscra family is. Whether through having a large family already or not having the financial wherewithal to adopt or help the mother, many who want to help are limited in how they can help. Nor can we reduce being “really” pro-life to how we vote for government programs.

But we should try to help the mother and the unborn child in the ways that are available to us.

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