Saturday, April 24, 2021

It’s Iimi! Seeking Truth Between the Extremes

People often assume that those who have a different view of events from them must be guilty of knowingly siding with evil. But there are other possibilities. So, assuming the worst of others without proof that this is their intent is the sin of rash judgment. We always have to learn the truth before accusing an individual of malicious wrongdoing.

Iimi and Paula discuss the label of “extremism” and assumptions people make about their ideological foes. Sometimes the truth is not on the side of one of the extremes in an either-or argument.

As a side note, the Derek Chauvin verdict came out while I was working on this comic. The behavior of some people on social media seemed like a good example of people assuming the worst about those they disagreed with, so I added it in.

And, for those who like my little “behind the scenes” comments on making the comics, this was a first attempt at creating visible action in a different room from where the main players are talking.


  1. Very topical. :)

    Remembering that no bunch of folks has a monopoly on crackpots - seems like a good idea.

    1. Yes. If we remember that, we might be better prepared to point out the good rather than the Partisan :)