Monday, April 12, 2021

It’s Iimi! Issue Zero (Part II)

This is part 2 of 2 of the comics recovered from my Facebook photos up until the point I started posting comics to the blog (April 11 to September 2020). Part I is HERE.

This comic introduced Kismetta “Kiz” Dhumzur . She was to present Muslim objections to Christianity. She was designed as an American Muslim of European (Bosnian) descent to at least avoid the Arab stereotypes that were going around with Muslim bashing at the time. This comic was also aimed at contrasting Iimi and Kismetta’s civil disagreements with the bozos on social media. (Like Iimi, I’ve actually read a translation of the Quran). The reference to Verbum is the Catholic version of the Logos Bible software.

I ended up redesigning Kismetta’s hairstyle because I belatedly noticed she looked similar to Paula in her seductive mode of dress (the Comipo program has few hairstyles and colors).

As a side note, I accidentally transposed the syllables in her name (it was originally Dzumhur, as it’s spelled in the comic) in so many comics that I had to change it.

My first attempt at a multi-person discussion. Also, my first attempt at giving Ms. Baculum a role beyond “shut up and stop talking in class.” We’ll see her antagonism towards religion explored in Vile Evil.

The parable Iimi uses is from a Patristic writing, but I forget the author. I still hadn’t learned how to link balloons or space them.

Introducing Paula. Originally, she was written as presenting the non-atheist secular attacks on the Church. Reflecting that attitude, she’s belligerent in this comic. That would change as she and Kismetta would become Iimi’s friends.

A follow up to the last comic, I decided to gentle Paula’s character. I dropped hints to consequences for Paula’s lifestyle. I added an epilogue where I introduced Iimi’s mother and adopted sister.

Not much to say about this one except I figured out how to put in objects behind windows.

An experiment with four panel comics.

Stereotypes against Hispanics were prevalent when I wrote this. Chela’s birth mother was supposed to be an unescorted minor who entered the United States during the Obama administration, dying in a camp shortly after giving birth (in my view, neither party is without guilt on this). But since the characters will be saying the same age (Irene is 16, Chela is 6), it won’t be long before that doesn’t fit.

Sad to say, I encountered these anti-Hispanic arguments from fellow Catholics.

This comic was my first attempt at forcing custom poses. Chela clinging to Iimi required three models of Chela. Chela tackling Iimi took four models.

One of the dumbest atheist arguments out there...

Pope Francis is probably the most slandered and libeled Pope since Vatican II. The last panel is a pun based on the fact that Ms. Baculum’s name was taken from the argumentum ad baculum. If you’re wondering what Ms. Baculum means by “AII syllogism,” see HERE.

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