Saturday, April 10, 2021

It’s Iimi! Issue Zero (Part I)

When I started doing the It’s Iimi! comics a year ago, I shared them directly on my blog’s Facebook page. That was probably a mistake as it makes the older comics harder to find. I figured I would collect them here as I tracked them down.. 

These comics were created when I was just learning the software (Comipo), so some of the comics are a bit primitive. The initial concept was single page comics pointing out logical flaws in popular anti-Christian and anti-Catholic arguments.

This first one didn’t even have a title. I didn’t really know how to use backgrounds effectively. It introduced Iimi and Rick Dawes, the atheist.

Figured out how to make a title banner, but didn’t know how to color them. I also was learning how to force perspective. I didn’t do a good job though.

“Barlaam and Joseph” was a late patristics story. Some attribute it to St. John Damascene. Others think it was a Christianized retelling of the life of Buddha. This was my first attempt at using third party objects and changing the base models (i.e. Rick stripped on page 2).

I also tried to use larger margins for commentary... before I learned to control the font placement.

This was a learning experience on changing backgrounds to give the impression of moving from one place to another.

Here I introduced the anti-Catholic Saul A. Feday (I love bad puns). 

This comic was my first attempt at having characters manipulate objects. 

This comic was done at the request of a reader who thought that the Barlaam and Joseph comic might provide ammunition to atheists claiming that God was cruel.

I learned here that I could use the space between panels to add commentary. I got a bit better with forced perspective. I also introduced the concept of mutual attraction between the two.

Introducing Daryl Velano... Named for the initials of Deus Vult. He’s an anti-Francis Catholic with sympathies for the SSPX. He’s a composite of people I encountered on social media. I also introduced Ms. Baculum as the teacher. Her original concept was of a bully teacher. She eventually evolved into being sympathetic to Iimi.

This comic involved learning how to use objects like doors and props. I did a lousy job with it.

This was an experiment with an abstract landscape.

Forgot a title banner, and did a lousy job with characters interacting with objects.

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  1. :) Thanks for (also) providing a look at the comic-making process.